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Go! Just Go! Climate changeSustainabilityReducing food wasteThese are all terms that have become the focus of the food industry over the past few years. And with the rise of veganism, our understanding of how we eat and the impact of it have come to the forefront. So it’s great to see chefs making an effort … Continue reading UGLY BUTTERFLY


Amazónico promises to take you on a sensory journey along the Amazon River and it delivers! Amazónico is the newest addition to the string of restaurants in Berkeley Square, bringing rainforest-luxe (yes, that’s now a thing) to Mayfair. And enticing guests with it’s extravagant decor and promise of a journey along the Amazon River. Not … Continue reading Amazónico

Frog by Adam handling

Remarkable! Definitely worth the visit! Frog by Adam Handling is a restaurant I’ve walked past many times and at the end of 2019, I decided that a great way to start 2020 would be with a visit to the restaurant. And I can definitely say, I’m now a convert! There’s many way to get to … Continue reading Frog by Adam handling

Eating as much as possible

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