Cape Town Street Food Festival

Hi everyone,

This is my very first blog. As in EVER! I’ve had a passion for food since my teens, however ever since moving to Cape Town in 2012 I’ve become obsessed with street food and, in particular, food trucks. It’s come to a point where travelling to foreign countries involves exploring the street food.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out about the Cape Town Street Food Festival a few months ago. The festival took place on Sunday, 26th July 2015 at the Side Street Studios in Woodstock (Hipster central. I think there needs to be a saying that where there’s a hipster, there’s amazing food 😛 haha).

Getting there just before lunch, with the backdrop of the gorgeous Table Mountain, the place was swimming with people. While the turnout was fantastic, the lack of space left me feeling claustrophobic.

Entrance of Side Street Studios
In the thick of it

However, that couldn’t deter me from exploring the area. Most of the food trucks in Cape Town were there – Lotus Food Truck, Didis Bitchin’ Burritos, Stack That, Wahine, Pizza Piaggio and Meisies Kitchen Food Truck. Since the lines at the food trucks were either super long or sold out,  I opted for dim sum from Yum Dim Sum, which only does catering. Nonetheless, the Dim Sum was great! The fillings were interesting (one had spinach and feta, and the other salmon), while the duck succulent. If they had a regular place I’d be there often.

Yum Dim Sum and Hope on Hopkins Distillery

Although, that didn’t count as a meal for me. So I grabbed an Asian wrap (pork) from the Lotus Food Truck – my go to when in doubt. As usual, the wrap was fresh and crisp thanks to the vegetables and the pork tender (although there’s was more fat than needed).

This amazing food was topped off with a gin cocktail from Hope on distillery. A craft gin that I’ve come to enjoy after being introduced to it at Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar.


Waffle on a stick. Unfortunately sold out before I could get to  it.
Waffle on a stick. Unfortunately sold out before I could get to it.

All in all, it was a great day out. The once-in-a-while warm winter weather of Cape Town, the buzz of Capetownians, the amazing food and thirst-quenching drinks contributed to the success of the second Cape Town Street Food Festival. However, I think a bigger venue is needed for next year.


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  1. Great reading Kavisha and here I am trying run DietwithMike getting people to lose weight and you entice them to eat more !! Enjoy the writing !


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