Chamonix Wine Estate

Wine is a vital part of my food journey. Over the past few years, my interest in wine has increased and living in Cape Town has made learning about wine all that easier. Not to mention having friends and family who take their wine seriously 😛 .

Franschoek has some enjoyable wine estates, one of which is Chamonix. Chamonix is located near the Eastern slopes of the Franschoek mountains. The tasting room provides either an amazing view of the mountains or the warmth of a fireplace. Chamonix offers 5 wines to taste.

View from Chamonix

The first wine tasted was the unoaked (or unwooded) Chardonnay. The wine had a tropical fruit nose and when tasted, you could immediately get the apple and pear. It was quite spicy but light. Definitely something I would have on a warm Summer’s day.

Chamonix Unoaked Chardonnay, 2014

Next was the wooded Chardonnay reserve. The wine is kept in the barrel for 14 months. The wine had a heavy oaked taste but you could still taste the tropical fruit and ginger.

Chamonix Oaked Chardonnay, 2013
Chamonix Oaked Chardonnay, 2013

After that was the Pinot Noir, which is matured for 10 months in oak barrels. A lovely red colour and with a berry nose. The wine was very light but a bit tart.

Chamonix Pinot Noir, 2013
Chamonix Pinot Noir, 2013

Then was Chamonix’s pièce de résistance, the Pinot Noir Reserve and the wine that won John Platter’s best red wine 2012. The wine is kept for 16 months in a french oak barrel. On the nose you get the berries and one the palate you get wild red berries, cherries, cinnamon and bit of black pepper. I can understand why this wine won in 2012 😉 .

Chamonix Pinot Noir Reserve, 2013
Chamonix Pinot Noir Reserve, 2013

Lastly, we had the Pinotage. This wine is matured in a French oak barrel for 2 years. The colour was a lovely rich red. A complex wine that is a tad tart. But on the palate you get the wild berries and cherries with a bit of spiciness. I think the Pinotage needed to be kept for a few more years in order to enjoy it.

Chamonix Pinotage, 2013
Chamonix Pinotage, 2013

I enjoyed the wines here but they were a bit young and needed to be stored for longer. The setting is beautiful as well but my experience would’ve been better if the somelier explained the wines as opposed to only pouring them and then disappearing.

Fireplace in tasting room
Fireplace in tasting room

2 thoughts on “Chamonix Wine Estate”

  1. Ulalala! I love the fact that you are also blogging about wine. There are so many wine farms for you to visit! Great writing as well Kavs. I can’t wait for the next post! 😛


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