Anthonij Rupert Wine

Located also in the picturesque valley of Franschoek is Anthonij Rupert Wine. Aside from its interesting name, locating the wine estate is an adventure of its own. I drove up and down the main road until I finally found it (some 10 minutes later). There’s only one sign and you only see it if you’re coming from Stellies. So if you’re coming from Franschoek town, good luck finding the entrance. Anthonij Rupert Wine is located on the L’Ormarins Wine Estate (so be on the lookout for that as well), which also houses Terra del Capo and the Franschoek Motor Museum. A huge plot of land!

Wine tasting options

There’s various wine tasting options on hand as you can taste the L’Ormarins Cap Classique style wines as well. So being the money savvy analysts we are, my friend chose the Cap Classiques to taste and I chose the Anthonij Rupert red wine range. And then we shared 😛 .

Brut Rosé
Brut Rosé

We started with the L’Ormarins range. The first was the Brut Rosé, which was a lovely salmon pink. On the nose and palate you got the strawberries and the fruitiness. However, there was a bit of acidity but not too overwhelming.

Brut Classique
Brut Classique

The Brut Classique followed, with consisted of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir. I love Bruts so I was really excited to try this. On the nose there was a fruity aroma. When you tasted the wine you had a mixture of citrus, peach and apple. I must admit I did enjoy it.

Optima (2011), Cabernet Franc (2009) and Syrah (2009)

Next, onto the Anthonij Rupert Wines. The first one we tasted was the Optima (2011), which is a Bordeaux-style red blend. An anytime of the day wine (my favourite kind 😉 ). The wine had a cherry cigar aroma. On the palate were blackberries and spice. The wine was very smooth and complex. I enjoyed it some much I grabbed a bottle for the trip home 😀 .

Second was the Cabernet Franc, 2009. The wine was more heavier than the Optima and although the Sommelier mentioned that it doesn’t need to be paired with food, I feel it was too heavy to have on its own. The wine was voluptuous and on the palate you tasted blueberries and blackberries.

The last was the Syrah, 2009. On the nose, the wine comes across as a Merlot as you get the aroma of red cherries and plum (very fruity). While on the palate you get the spiciness, plum and black cherry. According to the Sommelier most ladies like it. I honestly wasn’t a fan.

I must admit I enjoyed my experience as Anthonij Rupert and I think I may be back to taste the other wines in their range. And also to get me hands on their amazing tea combinations.

P.S. A word to the wise, book your wine tasting before you get there, even if it’s 10 minutes beforehand. My friend and I couldn’t get onto the farm at 15:30, an hour before the closing time, as the tasting room was “full”. Funny enough, we had called ahead and there were no problems. Just the security guard being weird :-/ . And we were the only ones at the tasting room.


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