Swartland Country Market – Part 2 of 2

Thanks for reading the first part. Now onto the more fun part 🙂 .

I moved on to Annex Kloof Wines, which has the Annex Kloof and Xena ranges. I didn’t try the any of the Xena wines and I don’t have a good reason for why I didn’t. The name called out to me but the wines didn’t. I did try the Annex Kloof Malbec (2012) and Tulu (2012). The malbec had a fruit palate but was a bit too tart for me. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the Tulu and even bought a bottle 🙂 . So much for personal restraint, haha. The Tulu was a red blend of Shiraz, Mourvédre and Grenache. It was a fruity blend that had a hint of spiciness. The perfect wine to leave to age! And hopefully I will leave it to age.


After attempting to be a serious wine connoisseur, I pleased to have an easy chat with the winemaker at Franki’s Vineyards. Franki’s is a boutique vineyard that only produced it’s first bottle in 2010. Still very young but very knowledgeable about the wine they produce. They had 4 wines on offer: Viognier (2010); Mourvédre Rosé (2015); Grenache (2012); and Joubert Red Blend (2012). I tasted the viognier and the red blend. The viognier was a fruity wine that was very light, and ended up coming home with me. The red blend comprised of Mourvédre and grenache. On the nose was chocolate and you could taste liquorice, caramel and plums.


I was now reaching my fill of wine but I could see that there were 2 more vineyards to get through. So like a good soldier, I marched on. The first table I soldiered to was Dragonridge Wines. They had 3 wines to taste: Cabernet Sauvignon (2015); Pinotage (2015); and Capella (2015). Realizing that I still had the rest of Saturday to get through I tasted only the cab, which was the first cab they’ve ever made. The cabernet was unwooded. As the wine was so young, it was tart. However, there were aromas of dark berries and the taste of dark chocolate. It was a good attempt for their first cabernet.


Finally, I had the last vineyard in my sights. I must admit that at this point in time I was ready for an afternoon siesta. The last was Hofstraat Wyne, which has some award-winning wine. I started off with the Renosterbos Barbera (2013) This was very different from any wine I tasted, as the grapes are of an Italian variety. I really enjoyed the Barbera. On the palate was cherries and an earthiness. Lastly, I tried the Renosterbos Cabernet Sauvignon (2013), which was a complex spicy wine. Lovely fruity nose, with black berries and mint on the palate. As it was the last vineyward, and I love my red wines, I purchased both wines. Turns out, their both award winning wines 😀 .

IMG_6501 IMG_6502

The Swartland Country Market was a few hours well spent. I came home with 4 great wines, cupcakes, and an appreciation for another wine region. What’s even better, is that I managed to experience 8 vineyards 5 minutes from home. How lucky am I to live in a wonderful city?!


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