Active Sushi

The best part of living in a coastal city is the wide array of fresh seafood that is available any where you go (well at least majority of places 😉 ). And there’s nothing better than fresh sushi. Sushi has been an ever-present meal in my life. However, it started off on a bad note. My first sushi experience involved 12 year old me attempting to recreate sushi I watched being made on a non-food show. Sounds promising already, doesn’t it? Rice cooked, salmon and wasabi lined up, and the maki was rolled. It rolled quite easily actually. Then I took a bit and my eyes immediately started watering. I had been over-zealous with the wasabi. Come to think of it, I have no idea why I added a layer of wasabi to the nori. Aside from the crazy spiciness of the wasabi the taste completely freaked me out. I couldn’t comprehend how people enjoyed eating this. It was raw fish!


Thinking about it now, it’s funny how sushi is one of my favourite dishes to eat. I don’t think I could go without it. Clearly my first, second and third experiences didn’t deter me 😛 . Now, eating amazing sushi has become a weekly thing. To the point of where I daydream of inari. Which leads me to gush about my new favourite sushi place in Cape Town: Active Sushi.

Active Sushi is has 2 restaurants: one at the Portside Building (below the FNB building) and one at the Mirage Building. Both venues offer an “all you can eat” sushi special that runs every day for R139, however, the Mirage does offer more varieties.

I’ve been to Active Sushi a few times in the past few months and the quality of the food has always been great! I always have a few portions of the salmon sashimi, salmon roses, chili prawn inari, salmon inari, New York roll and Spicy Roll 1. The salmon is always fresh so the sashimi is always delicious. I must admit that I’ve had better salmon roses but the roses are tasty as well.


My favourite is the inari – that’s what I salivate over every week. For the chili prawn, Active Sushi adds a chili sauce, which has 7 spices, to it that’s extremely spicy on it’s own but works fantastically with the prawns. Explaining the chili prawn inari just doesn’t do it justice. You’re just going to have to take my word for it and try it! 😉 . The salmon inari is just as yummy! Instead of a sauce, the 7 spices are sprinkled over the salmon. This, I must admit, leaves a burning sensation in your mouth, but I can’t handle spicy food.

The california rolls are always intriguing to me. The New York Roll is smoked salmon, avo and cream cheese. Cream cheese? Who would put on that on sushi. But it’s delicious. The smoked salmon and cream cheese pair well as the cream cheese provides some sweetness. The Spicy Roll 1 is spicy salmon (using 7 spices), sesame oil, avo and spring onion. It’s basically the same as the salmon inari but wrapped in rice. It’s still tasty and spicy.


I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t had any tuna sushi. I’m not a fan a raw tuna. However, being adventurous I tried the seared tuna sashimi, which tasted odd to me. It was rubbery in the middle and cooked on the outside so it didn’t sit well with me. But my friends woofed the raw and seared tuna down.

Active Sushi is my favourite sushi place in Cape Town and there’s many sushi places in Cape Town. I enjoy the great seafood quality and the vibe of the place. The staff are also very friendly and very patient.


I give Active Sushi 2 and a half cupcakes 🙂

Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector half Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector

Review guide:

Poor               Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector

Fair                Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector

Good             Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector

Very Good    Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector Cupcake-Outline-Vector

Excellent        Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector

Extraordinary Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour Cupcake-Outline-Vector colour


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