Pretoria Banting Market

We’re well into the third week of January and I thought it was about time that I got out of the holiday mode. As is customary with a new year, most people have New Year’s resolutions which they hope to fulfill. The most common one is the “New Year New Me” resolution. Coming up to the end of December last year, I thought there really isn’t anything I would change about my lifestyle. Aside from raiding as many Cape Town restaurants as I could before I moved, I had a healthy and active lifestyle – decent diet, low levels of stress, and regular exercise. So I had no “New Year New Me” resolutions. However, towards the end of the year, my boyfriend’s dad starting hinting at a new diet – low carb, high protein, and no sugar (basically banting 😛 ). And my boyfriend and I were suckered in.

So on the 1st of January, we started the diet. Well, sort of. We had sushi for lunch and forgot that there’s rice in it. And we sort of made that mistake on the 2nd as well. But on the 3rd we managed to stick to the low carbs (50 grams of carbs or less), no sugar, some protein and plenty of good fats. It’s now 2 and a half weeks into the diet, and it’s been going well. The only problem is it’s tough to find places to eat out at and there aren’t enough choices at health stores, unless you’re in Cape Town or Joburg. Luckily, there is a Banting Market in the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. The market happens on certain Saturdays (see here for more details), from 09:00 to 13:00.

Given the amount of advertising done for the market, I expected a huge market and was disappointed to see roughly 35  stalls, with some focusing more on the Paleo diet than Banting. Nonetheless,the market offered some great products – fresh veggies, banting condiments (tomato sauce, mustard sauce and chili sauce), banting baked goods, meaty breakfasts, and tons of free range eggs. But what I loved about the market was the friendliness of most of the vendors and their honesty about their products. We almost bought a piece of chocolate cake thinking it was banting-friendly until the vendor kindly explained that that cake was more suitable for a “cheat day”. The market also offers great entertainment to enjoy while you’re enjoying your breakfast or snack.

Although the market is small, we came home with biscuits, pizza bases, pestos, condiments and cheeses. And feeling a little more happier with the diet. It didn’t seem like all gloom and doom after all 🙂 .

The next Pretoria Banting Market is on the 6 February 2016.

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