Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme opened its first store in Rosebank, Joburg, a few months ago. I’ve been dying to go for a while and, finally, I made the opportunity arise.

Krispy Kreme is located in Rosebank Mall’s food court. It’s quite a popular place as we queued for about 10 minutes.

And then once you get to the counter, there’s an array of doughnuts waiting for you. I ordered with my stomach and decided to get a dozen doughnuts: Red Velvet Cake, Kit Kat, Peppermint Crisp, Sugar-coated, The Original Glazed, Cookies and Kreme, Powdered Strawberry Filled, Cinnamon Apple, Glazed Chocolate Cake, and Caramel Kreme Crunch. 

I definitely psyched myself out over the doughnuts and I was not disappointed. Some of the doughnuts were a bit rich, but others, like the Peppermint Crisp, Powdered Strawberry filled and Cinnamon Apple were delicious! 

I would definitely go back! But maybe this time I’d exercise some restraint 😂.


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