Zeppelins Brewery and Bunker Bar

Craft beer has taken the world by storm. After microbrewing started becoming popular in the 1970s, craft began gaining popularity. Eventually reaching South Africa, where we have festivals upon festivals based on the trend.

The trend has even taken me by storm. I must admit: I’m not a fan of beer. It’s too bitter for me. But craft beer, craft beer I can drink. The creativity of adding different flavors to beer, making it more palatable, excites me.  So much so that I’ve started visiting places that have craft beer. And it is how I ended up at Zepplins Brewery and Bunker Bar. Said to have 80 craft beers :-D.

Zepplins is located underneath Blos Cafe. If you walk into Blos Cafe, turn right towards to toilets and you’ll see a staircase, on your left, leading down to the bunker bar.

It’s amazing as you walk downstairs. The dingy area is great and then you walk into a deck that makes you feel like you’re at a game lodge. Not the middle of residential Faerie Glen.

Seating is pretty simple: unless you find a waiter, it’s self seating. But as soon as you do find a seat, a friendly waiter is approaching you with a menu.

Given that its a Craft Beer place, I expect the menu to list all 80 beers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The menu only lists the beers on tap, which is mostly Zepplins Beer – their house beer.

If you’re like me and you have no idea what to order, try the tasters. Try their tasters. The tasters range from Blondes, IPA, Reds, and Stout. And there’s 2 brands, aside from the Stout: Zepplins and Devils Brewery.


My friend, Khethi, and I decided that the beers on tap weren’t for us and left it for the guys to drink. Seeing this, the waiters made a plan. They offered Khethi and I 2 other beers: a cherry beer (Liefmans), which was delicious and had the right of sweetness; or a fruity Scottish beer (Dead Pony), which was enjoyable.




The waiters had got it right! However, they didn’t have my tried and tested Fiery Dragon Ginger Beer, as stock hadn’t arrived. But they do have a beer to make up for that.

With all that drinking, you do get hungry. Worry not, for Zepplins has food covered as well.

We went with their bar snacks. My favorite was the jalapeño poppers, the bone marrow, and the sauce of the chicken livers (I’m not a fan of livers).

Zepplins is a great place to grab a beer and bite while catching up with friends or watching the rugby. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service fantastic. I’ll definitely be back!



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